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Our lab partner is a high-complexity CLIA accredited laboratory, assisting clinicians and health care providers to quickly identify the pathogens and underlying causes of disease.  

Our lab partner offers toxicology testing along with a comprehensive offering of molecular testing panels to Pain Management, Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Long-Term Care, OB/GYN, Urogynecology, and Podiatry practices.

Our lab partner was one of the first labs in the United States to offer testing for SARS COV-2, which is the virus that leads to the COVID-19 disease.

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BodiMetrics is a California-based company who is at the tip of the spear when it comes to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices.  They have an entire suite of monitoring devices, ranging from their Circul ring to their Performance Monitor.  With both devices, a variety of metrics (most importantly SpO2 and Heart Rate for the Coronavirus Pandemic) can be monitored real-time by both the patient and their Clinician.  This type of proactive monitoring and healthcare enables Clinicians, patients, and their families to constantly track and monitor the overall well-being of those being monitored.  

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ZuRI CBD is a Northeast Ohio-based CBD supply company committed to offering customers the highest quality hemp-derived CBD products in the marketplace.  ZuRI CBD is made with premium U.S. grown hemp and best-in-class manufacturing processes ensuring consistent purity and potency batch after batch. 

With offices based in Avon, Ohio and a Production Facility based in North Ridgeville, Ohio, ZuRI CBD offers the most comprehensive CBD portfolio (100+ SKU's) with very medical-grade branding, the ability to either private label or white label, and has an ISO 7 Certified Clean Room.  

To add value to the Coronavirus Pandemic, ZuRI CBD now offers a long-term antimicrobial surface protectant in addition to a variety of hand sanitizers.  This same exact surface protectant has already been proven in the SARS outbreak of 2002 and the Ebola outbreak of 2013.  It's available by the gallon, a 55 gallon drum, or a 275 gallon tote.   

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INDIBA, S.A., whose headquarters are in Barcelona (Spain), is an innovative company specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of devices for professionals of medicine, physical therapy and aesthetics.  Its high-technology equipment is the non-invasive solution to the most common problems of aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, dermatology, sports medicine, physical therapy and beauty. Highlights of the techniques it develops include the Proionic® System, pulsed light, cryotherapy and pressotherapy.  It should be mentioned that INDIBA, S.A. is the inventor of the first radio frequency designed for diathermy treatments.


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